Mission Statement

AZ Pix Photography, LLC is an Arizona company established by resident photographers Vernon L West and Barbra A West with goals to inspire others by our artistic endeavors to want our fine art, landscape or wildlife photography to hang in their home or office.

Diversification will be achieved by:

· Establishing and teaching others in educational photo workshops
· Utilizing Vernon’s electrical/electronic background to develop retail products for high speed wildlife photography
· Create unique opportunities that have never been available to the retail buyer – i.e. greeting cards and other retail products utilizing our photo images

Ansel Adams, Imogene Cunningham and Edward Weston are our historic photographic ideals. Gary Ladd, Richard Maack, Jerry Sieve, Art Wolfe, Jennifer Wu, David Muench, Jeff Kida, Henry Holdsworth, Kerrick James & Colleen Miniuk-Sperry all are contemporary professionals who inspire us by their remarkable artistic talents and insight.

Famous works by renowned artists Claude Monet & Pierre-Auguste Renoir inspire us to pursue our artistic dreams as we strive toward achieving equal creative success with our photography – traditional or avante guard.